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Let us help you see the world on a budget! Whether you’re planning a family vacation, a romantic weekend getaway, a business trip, or travel to your ultimate dream locale, we have you covered with affordable domestic and international flights.
Hotel Booking is a service that is utilized when planning on travelling somewhere out of the homeland. Hotel Booking in advance ensures a room is available in the hotel and is reserved for you so that whenever you reach that place you can check into the hotel.
Hamdan Touristik Services specializes in private exclusive guided tours that emphasize the enduring excellence of the traditional, including various architecture, art, music, gardens and archaeology and inheritance of Pakistan that is not only enjoyable but educational also.
Hamdan Touristik Services is the one of the leading tour operator in country in as much as last one decade handling outbound as well as inbound incentive tours and conferences for our valued multinational companies as well as individual clients as per their specification and requirements.
Hadmdan Touristik Services offers both Up The Country and Down The Country Adventure Pakistan tours to our clients which helps them to not just travel for enjoyment but learn various facts, history, cultures
Hamdan Touristik Services takes a high level of pride in conducting various Holy Pilgrimages not just to the Muslims but other religions as well dispite of their religious beliefs.
These days, everyone seems so busy that it can be hard to find time for family activities whether they are weekend trips, week long vacations, gathering for lunch or dinner, or even just brief visits.
Corporate Tours or Corporate Tourism can be: traditional business traveling, or meetings - intended for face-to-face meetings with business partners in different locations, incentive trips - a job perk
Hamdan Touristik Services offers complete vacation package now to enjoy Fantastic romantic getaways and luxury at reasonable prices.
Luxury Bus Services are the services offered by various bus operating companies who have modified their buses to the highest luxury possible
A ferry (or ferryboat) is a boat or ship (a merchant vessel) used to carry (or ferry) primarily passengers, and sometimes vehicles, across a body of water
Luxury Train Services are the services offered by a Railway Line through a specially customized train to provide the most luxurious train ride.
Car Rental Services are the services which involves the rental of a car to someone for a certain price and a driver(on demand). Renting a car is like having all the leisures of your personal car but, one has to pay for all those leisures. Hamdan Touristik Services offers reliable
Cruise Services have peculiarly become an significant part of the travel and tourism industry. And keeping this aspect in mind, Hamdan Touristik Services has joined hands with a number of Highly Reputable Cruise Liners to provide special Cruise Services to its clients.
Visa Consultancy is a firm that have the right legal knowledge about the laws of both visa laws and immigration laws for getting different types of visas. Visa Consultancy helps people to move from one country to another through legal documentation process.
Hamdan Touristik Services offers cheap and reliable Travel Insurance that can be used to cover losses occurring during travelling, either domestically or internationally. Hamdan Touristik Services's Travel Insurance covers your losses such as flight accidents, medical
Our Clients Feedbacks:
We have used the services of Hamdan Touristik Services to arrange a HoneyMoon Package for us to Singapore. And it was one of the best experiences of my life. They arrange everything very carefully and to the minute detail. I would most definitely recommend them to everyone. God Bless Them.
Mr. & Mrs. Zulfiqar Ali
Hamdan Touristik Services arranged a 3 days and two nights trip for our office team to go to the nothern areas of Pakistan. And it was an outstanding trip of our lives. The tour guide showed us the places and told us the details about them. It was not only just an enjoyable trip but was informative at the same time as well. We will surely use their services again in the future and will recommend them to others as well.
Mr. Shakeel Mall, Corral (Pvt.) Ltd.

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